Interactive video examples

Remember, YOU can create all of these features with drag & drop & click simplicity.


Learn about interactive videoThis video describes simple to advanced interactions that
you can use to create more interesting videos than ever before!

There's a great set of features that are easy to deploy within an hour.
Then you can add more sophisticated interaction which only takes hours

Actions we took on the original video:
We have removed some of the original video to leave just the gold information using the cutting scissors interaction.

Navigate to your exact section of video This funny video articulates the 6 stages of the Blooms mastery levels.

Rather than present one long 14 minute video, we provide 6 strong topic menus which allows the viewer to progress through in the natural order OR choose to target a specific topic.

Actions we took on the original video:
This video was uploaded and split into 6 topics in 15 minutes using the videosity tool.

Can you spot a liar - here's howThis video describes many of the characteristics of liars.

The expert clarifies an approach to recognise lies.
Follow the expert's simple path to understand the liar mentality
then use the extra content links provided to access more info.

Actions we took on the original video:
Created Topics and added beginner and expert pathways.

How to tell when someone’s lying

Liar Liar – pants on fire!

Do you know enough - Victorian small business law?This video applies to Victorian workplace law for small business in Australia.

See the outcomes of your choices and find further examples and scenarios to work with.

Actions we took on the original video:
We created Topics and beginner and expert pathways.

Control panelsOur expert demonstrates control panel equipment in a work scenario.
Other imagery and links are provided within the video to expand the content.

Actions we took on the original video:
Knowledge test (ask question, learner answer, give video answer).
Content filter (select apprentice and do not see 3rd section of cabinet).

Wire that control panel

Use for: equipment or software demo

How to survive an Active shooter scenarioCAUTION - SIMULATED VIOLENCE

The State Office of Risk Management (SORM) helps community workplaces plan for workplace catastrophes. Recently this has changed to include preparing for armed intruders

This video teaches the 3 safety options using workplace scenarios and then moves into an interactive test scenario.

    Actions we took on the original video:
  1. We crrafted a scenario to inform/teach (learning 3 coping techniques, then make decisions in the heat of the active shooter crisis.
  2. We made this emotional and realistic by including dramatised events and simulated violence.

Active Shooter

Use for: education, selection, interactive scenario

Work through the company induction, making choicesGet staff careers off to a great start by Improving first impressions.
Give exciting starter experiences as your new starter discovers what working at your organisation is like.

You already have the film set to video a unique experience.
Instead of pushing content at your new hire, allow them to work through this company induction, uncovering experiences and making choices.
Gamify the experience if you wish.

Actions we took on the original video:
Choose your path: Decide which security options you learn about. Knowledge test: answer a kitchen knowledge question within the video.

Company Induction

Use for: Onboarding

Test your driving skill against the rest of Melbourne.Take part in our popular Victorian road rules short test and pit your skills against the road rules of Melbourne. See your results as you go and uncover how you fared against the rest of the coolest state of Australia.

Actions we took on the original video:
This video was assembled using credible video from multiple sources.
Knowledge tests were created using buttons and branching.
Scores are collected and presentable on the summary page.

Melbourne Driver

Use for: testing knowledge in groups (small or large)


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Designing Effective Instructional Videos

There are a number of factors that contribute to the design and development of effective learning videos. In keeping with the cognitive theories outlined above, video text, images, animation, and audio content should be designed to minimize cognitive load:

  • Segment (chunk) content carefully.
  • When providing tutorials, use a first-person rather than a third-person perspective.
  • Provide both spoken narration and related imagery/action. (However, for accessibility provide a means for the learner to access the text of the narration.) Use a conversational tone in narration.
  • Provide advance organizers and other visual and verbal cues to assist learners in schema creation.
  • Associate content with emotion (positive or negative) to increase motivation and retention.
  • Give the user control by including interactive tools for searching and navigation.


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HOSTED IN THE CLOUDPublish videos to your learners


Publish videos to your learners on your own private videosity platform. Hosted on World-class Amazon infrastructure, learners can start finding and watching their video courses with immediate tracking of their interactions and learning progress.

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